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Yugeta Shoyu LTD
Head office Soy Sauce Kingdom
Head office/Sakado factory
475 Tawame, Sakado-shi, Saitama, 350-0246 Japan
TEL:049-286-0811 FAX:049-286-0828
Soy Sauce Kingdom/Hidaka factory
804-1 Tabame, Hidaka-shi, Saitama, 350-1201 Japan

Yugeta Yuuki ShoyuYuzu flavored soy saucePremium raw soy sauce

Soy Sauce Kingdom
Soy Sauce Kingdom
Hidaka factory
Hidaka factory

Customer’s comments
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Thank you very much for sending me the “Premium raw soy sauce” a few days ago. It is really delicious. I left the old soy sauce opened and started using this “Premium raw soy sauce” non-stop. (From Tokyo, female)

I am surprised by the aroma and the deliciousness of the soy sauce, and I immediately prepared rice for it. I am looking forward to using it with handmade soba on this New Year’s Eve. (From Aichi, female)

The soy sauce is very tasty! Thank you very much! (I was really impressed!) (From Tokyo, female)

Thank you for delivering the soy sauce. I have sent it to my parents and they was very happy. Looking forward to order it again. (From Chiba, male)

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