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Premium raw soy sauce

Using domestic organic soybeans, domestic organic wheat, Mexico solar salt. Allowing to mature in pine wood vats for a long period of time

Some large producers produce raw soy sauce with bacteria filtration. It is because, for those producers, the bacteria of the soy sauce maybe one of their company’s secrets. Another reason is that when raw soy sauce is placed under room temperature at store, like Yugeta Shoyu raw soy sauce, it cannot be kept for a long time.

Normally, raw soy sauce is persistently produced as industrial products. It does not go through sterilizing by heating, but only filtration of yeast and lactic acid bacteria by microfiltration, in order to allow it to store under room temperature.

There is a product of ours called “Junnama shiboritate” (Pure raw freshly squeezed soy sauce), which is not sold online but is sold in Soy Sauce Kingdom. It does go through microfiltration like other raw soy sauce in the market. Premium raw soy sauce is placed in the frozen case, whereas Junnama-shiboritate is placed at room temperature on shelf. Please be careful when you choose.

Properly speaking, one of the good things about fermented food is that our body can take in the good germs from fermented food full of microorganisms like yeasts and lactic acid bacteria. Yugeta Shoyu’s “Premium raw soy sauce” is the soy sauce with bacteria living inside the vats. We will deliver this soy sauce to you by refrigerated delivery service.

*“Day of squeezing” on the bottle and expiry date
“Day of squeezing” is the day of squeezing the unrefined soy sauce, but not the day of bottling. Before bottling and after squeezing, the raw soy sauce is poured in to a container, which totally blocks the oxygen from getting into it. Then it is kept in cool storage. So the taste of the raw soy sauce can be kept until it bottles. Please note that the expiry date would be 6 months from the date of bottling.

Rich aroma with well-rounded taste. This soy sauce is different from what you expected and you may think “Is this really soy sauce?”

This soy sauce is bottled just after squeezing from Moromi (unrefined soy sauce). No sterilization and filtration is processed and no ingredient is adjusted. It is mellow like Soup base soy sauce (Dashi Shoyu).

It uses the same ingredients and the same process as products with organic certificate. This brewed product is not sold normally in the market.

Upon request, we commercialized the product in 2003, which it could only be tasted at the brewery before, and delivery it to you directly by refrigerated delivery service.

The special taste of raw soy sauce is the best dipping sauce for sashimi and tofu. It’s sweetness can bring out the deliciousness of the dishes.
As it is not sterilized by heating, it is full of enzymes. Thought you can take in plenty of enzymes into your body, there are also disadvantages. When you use raw soy sauce for cooking and mix it with dashi, please heat it thoroughly to avoid the negative effects of those enzymes. As a result, Premium raw soy sauce is the best for dipping and sprinkling.
Moreover, as the ingredients are not adjusted, the taste is mellow by removing the sharp taste of salt. Normally, finished soy sauce is added with salt water to adjust the standard. By fermenting and maturing for a long period of time, the salt content dissolves very well and the taste of soy sauce becomes smooth. However, by adding salt water to raw soy sauce without fermentation and maturation, the sharp taste of salt is striking.
On the other hand, as the ingredients are not adjusted, according to different vats, you may be able to perceive subtle differences of flavor even for the same type of soy sauce. Number of vats, brewing period, raw material such as organic soy bean and organic wheat will also be different. As it is naturally brewed products, we would appreciate you understanding.

To improve the conservation and to aromatize the soy sauce, raw soy sauce will normally sterilized by heating. As Premium raw soy sauce have not been heated, so it is the best to enjoy within 6 months storing in the refrigerator, and also within 1 month after opening. After one month, it will not be rotten but will lose flavor. It should be kept in refrigerator no matter it is opened or not. Please enjoy as soon as possible.

The popular Premium raw soy sauce is using “Uminosei” instead of Mexico solar salt.

There is also a type of raw sauce called “Kasaeshikomi Kiage Shoyu” (Re-brewed in wooden vat soy sauce), which is not brewed in wooden vats. But it is also a raw sauce with living enzymes and lactic acid bacterium without sterilization by heating and microfiltration. Kasaneshikomi Kiage Shoyu is a soy sauce that Koji (malted rice) is added again to Premium raw soy sauce
and allowed to mature again. It is a luxury raw soy sauce with double ingredients and double brewing period. (i.e. the raw re-brewed soy sauce. The raw soy sauce of our Komao Murasaki.) This soy sauce is full of taste. As the salt content is 20% off, it is mellow and rich. We recommend using it with sashimi and tofu to bring out the deliciousness of the dishes.

Premium raw soy sauce

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