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At the upper stream of Komagawa in Hidaka, Saitama, a place where the river winds through the fields is called Kinchakuda. The reason why it is called Kinchakuda is that, when viewing from the nearby Mountain Hiwada, it looks like a pouch, which is Kinchaku in Japanese. 1200 years ago, people from Goguryeo of Korean peninsula came here and brought their advanced rice production technology over. They drew the water to Kinchakuda to grow rice by holding back the water from going down the stream. Now, it is crowded with a great number of tourists who came to have a barbecue alongside the river in summer or to see Red Spider Lily blooming in autumn.

Please go to the Hidaka City Kinchakuda official website for enquiries about the blooming season. During the flowering period, Hidaka Tourism Association and Hidaka Society of Commerce and Industry will hold some pop-up stores, for example, specialty products of the town, draft beer, Japanese fried noodle, udon etc. Please come and stop by. Yugeta Shoyu products will also be sold at special prices. Please visit us too!
The flowering condition of 2002 is as below.

Kinchakuda viewing from Mountain Hiwada

Red Spider Lily blooms in Kinchakuda

17th September, 2002 (Tuesday)
The flowers have still not opened yet, though the some stems have already grown. It is 10 days later as usual. It is said that red spider lily start to open when the temperature is lower than 25℃

19th September, 2002 (Thursday)
Some flowers are blooming today. More flowers will bloom during the coming consecutive holidays. It is mysterious that the blooming period meets the equinoctial week every year.

Pop-up store
Yugeta soy sauce is selling soy sauce and topping miso (oname) at a special price with a big sale. Please come and visit us!

22nd September, 2002 (Sunday)
It is the best time to see the red spider lily blooming depending on the places. It may be fully bloomed 2 or 3 days later.

26th September, 2002 (Thursday)
Red spider lilies in Kinchakuda are in full bloom. The blooms may last up to a week and this weekend will be the best time to see the flowers. After that, you can look forward to enjoy the cosmos flowers.

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