Sainokuni Soy Sauce Kingdom


Sainokuni Shoyu Okoku (Saitama Soy Sauce Kingdom)

Let’s learn from, play with and eat… Soy Sauce!
A place, named “Shoyu Okoku (Soy Sauce Kingdom)” where you can play, but at the same time learn how to make, how to use and how to keep “soy sauce”, the Japanese traditional condiments.
Squeeze soy sauce by yourself, know more and get familiar with soy sauce for sure!

Kingdom Content
Experiencing corner
Squeeze by yourself
Experience squeezing
Visit & Study
Factory guide
Scenes of stirring Moromi (unrefined soy sauce)
Video on show
Display of ingredients
Display of tools making soy sauce in the past
Snacks & Shop
Snacks corner on the 2nd floor
Soy sauce soft ice-cream
Soy sauce dumplings
Rice with raw egg
Chilled tofu
Soy sauce pudding
This month’s menu
Sales corner on the 2nd floor
Brewer’s direct sale store on the 1st floor
Soy sauce dessert
Original Label

Soy Sauce Kingdom
Hidaka factory

Soy sauce “Squeezed by yourself” ranks up your dining table!
Not only visit and learn in the Soy Sauce Kingdom,
You can also
Experience to squeeze the Moromi (unrefined soy sauce) in the wooden vat! (Free experiencing corner)
Squeeze the raw soy sauce by yourself and take it home! (Pay experiencing corner)
Those are amusements that you cannot experience in other facilities.
We care about the hygiene here more than others. And craftsman will also guide directly, so all of you can squeeze delicious raw soy sauce by yourself.

Enjoy Shoyu cuisine!
You can enjoy the simple menu using Yugeta soy sauce in Soy Sauce Kingdom. This menu will be changed every month and will be introduced in monthly Yugeta Mail Magazine. You can taste the dishes in the menu at the Snack Corner of the Soy Sauce Kingdom.
Simple but profound soy sauce cuisine.
If you think “Oh! This is delicious!”, why don’t you try it at home!
You can also read the back issues of the mail magazine

Our kingdom was introduced by Medias.

Soy sauce Kingdom, 5 amusements
1. Look closely at the Koji (malted rice), Moromi (unrefined soy sauce) and lees after squeezing
You can see the stirring process closely, and also hit the spotlight to Moromi (unrefined soy sauce) that you particularly want to see by pushing the switch at hand.
You can smell the aroma of the brewery.
You can also hear the sound of fermentation from the speakers during May to June.
2. Experience of squeezing soy sauce
You can experience squeezing soy sauce by pushing down the wooden pole.
You can bottle the squeezed raw soy sauce and take it home.
You can squeeze Moromi (unrefined soy sauce) that you chose, bottle it and then take it home. (Squeeze-by-yourself corner)
It is also named “Squeeze-by-yourself raw soy sauce”
3. Play at the wooden vats and know about the secret of it
You can go and play inside the vats which part of it was cut.
You can know the secret of the vats by looking at the tree rings from the cross section.
Visit & Study
4. Observe the spring water
Japanese freshwater crabs, crayfish and also golden-ringed dragonfly larva are living there.
Wasabi is also grown here.
There is 100 tons of water gushing out every day.

5. Taste the distinctive dish which is made from soy sauce.
Use your favorite soy sauce to eat rice with raw egg!
Rich and smooth, soy sauce ice-cream
Very popular! Soy sauce dumplings, soy sauce pudding
8 kinds of Yugeta soy sauce for you to choose!
On the 2nd floor of Soy Sauce Kingdom, many kinds of soy sauce cruet are selling there. Airtight soy sauce cruet for raw soy sauce is very popular.

(The picture is showing original soy sauce cruet. Not for sale.)
Yugeta Soy Sauce T-shirt is also popular.


How to access to Soy Sauce Kingdom

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Soy Sauce Kingdom
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