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Ogose Bairin

The famous Ogose bairin is one of the three major Japanese plum groves in the Kanto region, which is around 30 minutes’ drive from Yugeta Shoyu.

It is one of the best Japanese plum groves in Kanto region. The origin of the grove is that the plum blossom trees were grown when Tenmangu shrine was separated from Kyushu Dazaifu (Local government office in Kyushu region). From mid Feburary to late March, more than 1000 Japanese plum blossoms, including some 600 year-old plum trees, bloom together. Plum festival (Ume matsuri) is also held during that time. Please contact Ogose Town Tourism Association for enquiries about the blooming season. Tel: 049-292-3121

Yugeta Shoyu also sells products at the pop-up store in the resort village. Please come and visit us!
The flowering condition of 2002 is as below.

9th March, 2002, Sunny
The plum blossoms in the groves are fully blooming. The weather is nice and warm so it is the best time to see the flowers.

9th March, 2002, Sunny
This year, there is a new observation platform in the plum groves. You can get a full view of the plum blossoms from it.

9th March, 2002, Sunny
Today, local pretties are waiting for you with a lot of topping miso (Oname) at Yugeta pop-up store.

2nd March (Saturday), Cloudy
Plum blossoms are at 80%-90% near peak bloom.

2nd March (Saturday), Cloudy
Today’s stage event is Japanese ancient court music and dance by local people.

23rd February, 2002 (Saturday)
Plum blossoms have now bloomed about 40-50%. Ogose bairin festival has started now. There are performances such as festival music playing on the stage.

23rd February, 2002 (Saturday)
Mini steam locomotives are also running inside.

10th February, 2002 (Sunday)
10% of plum blossoms has bloomed. Flowers open two weeks earlier than usual.

17th February, 2002 (Sunday)
Now, about 30% of the plum blossoms has opened. Many people come visit during the day.

Yugeta pop-up store in resort village

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