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Greetings from the Owner

Our brewery was founded here in Sakado city, Saitama prefecture in 1923. Before starting this business, our first master, Mr. Yugeta Saju, had done agricultural work but he was interested in zymurgy. At that time, he started the business by inviting the chief brewer and received the facilities from a soy sauce brewery in present Irima-shi, Saitama. From that time onwards, our brewery has a history of over 200 years.
Now, the fourth-generation owner, Yugeta Yohichi, continues making soy sauce, which represents the taste of Japan, with the wisdom of his family motto "We must treat each customer with honesty" and also having faith in our own thoughts "soy sauce is something to put in the mouth so it has to be safe to eat; soy sauce is a condiment so it has to be delicious”. We are making soy sauce with those wisdom and faith, so please have a taste of our soy sauce.

Characteristics of Yugeta soy sauce

We are using the whole soybeans and wheat only from Japan, and also solar sea salt. (As we are just using ingredients produced in Japan to make the soy sauce, Yugeta soy sauce only accounts for 0.2% of the total soy sauce quantity in Japan.)

We are brewing the soy sauce naturally in pine wood vats and letting it ripen for a year. (We also have tanks for brewing. According to the brewing seasons and soy sauce types, we also use different tanks for it.) (Organic soy sauce, Soy sauce brewed in wooden vats, Premium raw soy sauce etc. are using wooden vats for fermenting and ripening.)

We are making soy sauce with yeasts and lactose without sterilization by heating and microfiltration. (This type of soy sauce needs to be kept refrigerated. It is also very rare in Japan.) (These corresponds to Premium raw soy sauce, Re-brewed soy sauce, Freshely squeezed raw soy sauce on the second floor of Soy Sauce Kingdom.)

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