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Soy sauce ice-cream Marble & Soybeans Grain

Yuzu flavored soy sauce Good for Hot pot or Boiled bean curd No preservatives and No flavor materials added

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Yugeta raw soy sauce History

Raw soy sauce Premier raw soy sauce

Guide of Raw soy sauce

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Sakado folic acid Soy sauce dressing

Yugeta Reisho (Superior soy sauce)

How to choose Noodle soup base and Soup base soy sauce “Which one is the basic soy sauce?”

Choice of Yugeta Shoyu “Let us understand the difference of method”

Organic soy sauce Using traditional wooden vats for ferment It is tasty nature brewing

Komaoh soy sauce Good for Sashimi

Plum flavored soy sauce Using 100% local plums in Saitama soy sauce for safety to eat

Yugeta Yuuki ShoyuYuzu flavored soy saucePremium raw soy sauce

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