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[Safe soy sauce] Reasons why our soy sauce is safe and delicious

Soy sauce represents the taste of Japan. It was claimed that foreigners could even smell the scent from the soy sauce once they arrived at Narita airport in Japan.

The root of soy sauce is Kinzanji miso from ancient China 800 years ago. At that time, when Japanese intended to make it in Japan, they found that there was liquid gathered on the surface of the miso. After they tasted the liquid, they found that it was very delicious, so they especially began to make that liquid. This is the origin of the soy sauce. What became miso paste in China, became soy sauce in Japan. It is believed that the climate, natural features, ingredients, microorganism of Japan are suitable for making soy sauce. Therefore, even now, it is believed that, to make the most delicious soy sauce has to brew it naturally complying with seasonal changes in temperature, using ingredients from Japan, and also fermenting and ripening in wooden vats with microbes colonized in it.

However, the mainstream is that most of the soy sauce in the market are using ingredients from other countries and being brewed in a short period of time. Yugeta soy sauce uses ingredients from Japan. To make the selected “Yugeta organic soy sauce”, we use organic JAS authorization soybeans and wheat which are only around 0.018% and 0.009% of its domestic consumption, and then allow it to ferment and to ripen in wooden vats over a year.

Those soybeans and wheat from Japan are preciously and organically grown in the arms of mother nature. Therefore, apart from tasting them without worry, they are also very delicious. Using those ingredients, our organic soy sauce is safe and tasty. Besides, using our own pine wood vats with microbes colonized in it, the soy sauce with good smell and rich flavor is produced. With good fermentation, alcohol can be produced; therefore its preservative quality will be high, and no need to add extra alcohol for preservation. Also, as the pleasant taste was given out very well therefore no extra chemical seasonings, such as amino acid, is needed.

“Yugeta organic soy sauce” and “Komago whole soybeans soy sauce” etc. does not contain any preservatives, colorings and chemical seasonings, therefore it is heart easing and delicious to put it in your mouth.

Origin of the organic soybeans and organic wheat to make the “Yugeta organic soy sauce”

They are mainly grown under contract with farms in Aomori prefecture. The agriculture chemicals may be scattered if the fields next to the organic field are using agriculture chemicals. And because our fields are big and surrounded by forests, as a result, we have no such kind of concerns. Behind the fields, there is a famous world heritage, Shiragami mountain range.

Origin of the organic soybeans and organic wheat to make the “Komago whole soybeans soy sauce”

The soybeans of “Komago whole soybeans soy sauce” are mainly grown under contract with farms in Hatoyama town in the middle of Saitama prefecture. A 15 minutes’ drive from Yugeta Shoyu factory is needed to reach Hatoyama town, the producers of soybeans in Sue area and Mamedo area worked together to produce soybeans. Mamedo in Hatoyama town is the best place for growing soybeans. Because this area has a long history of soybeans so as there is old folk song singing “Hi Dove, we feed you soybeans here if you want!”

Brewing water

In the area of Soy Sauce Kingdom, Yugeta Shoyu Hidaka Factory, there is approximately 100 tons of underflow water gushes out in one day. Our factory is located on the alluvial fan covered from Chichibu mountain range to Kanto Plain where abundant underflow water is flowing underground. We uses this enrich and clear water to brew the soy sauce. A Sake brewery nearby is also using this water as well. There are Japanese freshwater crabs, crayfish and also golden-ringed dragonfly larva living and resting near where the underflow water comes out. (We are not using the water that gushes out but drawing it from 80m underground to brew the soy sauce.)

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