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Organic soy sauce

Traditionally brewed in wooden vats. Naturally brewed and Delicious.

This is soy sauce using domestic organic soybeans, which is in general grown with organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer and pesticide, and is also qualified as organic JAS certificated products over 2 years.

As it is left for naturally brewed in wooden vats for over a year, the soy sauce is well-fermented and rich in taste. Since it is less salty, it is suitable for using as a dipping soy sauce and boiled dishes.

Special brewery for brewing in wooden vat (the exterior). Yugeta Shoyu Hidaka Factory. The brewing process of this soy sauce is separated from other soy sauce. It is now established together with Soy Sauce Kingdom, so the outside has changed a little bit.

Special brewery for brewing in wooden vat (Inside). Yugeta Shoyu Hidaka Factory. The soy sauce is left for fermentation and maturation in the wooden vats for over a year. You can also have a look with it at the snack corner of the Soy Sauce Kingdom.

100% domestic organic soybeans
This is the organic soy bean farms in Aomori prefecture that the soybeans is used for making organic soy sauce. Behind the fields, there is a famous world heritage, Shiragami mountain range.

This vat has already used from Meiji period (1868 to 1912). There are over 300 types of bacterium living inside to give the soy sauce with rich favor.
Due to the fermentation, it is very hot in summertime.

Staff only involves in moving and stirring the Moromi (unrefined soy sauce). Mainly the microorganisms make the soy sauce.

To decide the taste of the soy sauce, many manufacturers add lactic acid bacterium and enzymes artificially, but we are obsesses with natural brewing. Delicious soy sauce is finished through fermentation by microbes for a year.

This is Moromi (unrefined soy sauce). It is also delicious to taste only the Moromi (unrefined soy sauce). It also matched very well with hot rice and as a dipping sauce for cucumber. As the Moromi (unrefined soy sauce) is delicious, soy sauce squeezed from it is also tasty for sure.

This is scene looking from the bottom of the vats. Nowadays, craftsman who can fix these vats become less and less.

Yugeta Yuuki Shoyu

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