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Yuzu flavored soy sauce

: The best for hot pot and boiled tofu! No preservatives and flavoring added

[Product information]
Using domestically grown Yuzu
No preservatives, flavorings added

No brewed vinegar added

How to use
As a dressing for raw vegetables
For fried horse mackerel, deep-fried food and dumplings etc.
For hot pot, boiled tofu and shabu-shabu etc.

It is a refresh dashi shoyu with strong aroma of yuzu which Whole soybeans soy sauce mixes with yuzu juice. All yuzu are domestically grown Saitama Ogose Yuzu.
Besides, it is using selected ingredients for example Saitama agricultural products like soybeans and wheat, which are the same as those in Whole soybeans soy sauce. No brewed vinegar is used. Therefore, the fresh aroma of yuzu is very strong. Moreover, to decorate your dining table beautifully, we have used the cutout picture of the leading person of Japanese paper cutting, Mr. Masayuki Miyata, for the label design.

How to use
Just pour the soy sauce over the raw vegetables, use with Chinese cuisine like dumplings and deep-fried food, fried horse mackerel etc. Aroma of yuzu also matches very well with shabu-shabu.

Yuzu flavored soy sauce (300ml)

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